Just For Fun

Build It Yourself

Satellite (Free Online, requires FLASH 9 or higher): This game lets you be the scientist. Choose what area of science you’d like to study, select the instruments and optics to get the job done and launch your mission! Pop-up text boxes guide you through the process and at the end you’ll see what your satellite would like and what kind of data it would collect.

Earth’s Busy Neighborhood

Using data from the NASA JPL Solar System Dynamics Group, this site contains a sky chart showing the motion of any space objects coming within 10 lunar distances of Earth. There are plenty of other interesting things on this site that would appeal to the avid near-Earth asteroid watcher.

Classic Asteroids Game (Free Online)

Blast those incoming space hazards before they hit you!

DSI (Deep Space Industries)

This is a corporate site for a space mining company. We do not endorse this company nor vouch for the accuracy of any information it contains but thought we would list it for those interested in the commercial side of asteroid exploration.